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NINE SELECTABLE POLAR PATTERNS: -Precisely-tuned dual-diaphragm capsule design allows you to choose the perfect setting for every application -Minimize unwanted signal bleed with ease HAND-SELECTED ECC82 TUBE & CUSTOM RUPERT NEVE DESIGNS AUDIO TRANSFORMER: -Each microphone-grade tube is carefully selected and pretested in-house -Allows for stunning realism and depth in recordings -Unique tube circuit design optimized for driving the first custom-made transformer HAND-CRAFTED METAL HOUSING WITH PREMIUM FINISH: -All-metal construction built with highest attention to detail -Efficient rejection of any electrical interference and noise -High quality finish ensures a great look for many years A SECOND CUSTOM-BUILT RUPERT NEVE DESIGNS AUDIO TRANSFORMER: -Designed for sweet, musical performance and bulletproof isolation -Provides the legendary sonic character of Rupert Neve's famous transformers CUSTOM-MADE, DISCRETE CLASS-A RUPERT NEVE DESIGNS AMPLIFICATION: -Delivers the sonic character and performance expected from the world's most prized recording equipment -Utilizes the same operational amplifiers found in Rupert Neve Designs' flagship 5088 console -These discrete op-amps ensure enormous headroom, ultra-wide bandwidth, zero crossover distortion, and quality without compromise ACTIVE GAIN STAGE WITH THREE SWITCHABLE LEVELS: -Provides 24dB of extended dynamic range for a wide range of applications -Discrete Rupert Neve Designs op-amp cards ensure pristine performance -Suitable for everything from delicate ambience recordings to close-miking of extremely loud instruments and voices TWO SWITCHABLE ACTIVE LOW-CUT FILTERS: -Custom Rupert Neve Designs op-amps implemented for best possible sound quality -Reduce unwanted rumble or foot-fall noise, or compensate for proximity effect

Rupert Neve Signature Multi Pattern Tube Microphone

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