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14 Channel mixer section: 12 mono channels, 1 stereo channel. 14 high-quality XDR2 mica preamps with switchable +48 V phantom power for condenser microphones. XDR2 mica preamps are low-noise and low distortion. These are some of the best sounding mica pore's on the market. Built in USB allows you to play songs from your computer or a thumb drive. Built in recording - allows you to record your main mix onto the USB or SD card . USB supported formats are MP3, WAV, WMA. Each channel has gain, aux control, FX control, Pan control, Volume control. Peak LED indicator has a red LED that indicates a signal level that is 5dB below clipping . Dual Stereo 7-band Graphic EQ allows for precise frequency correction of monitor and main outputs (with EQ kill switch). Aux send and Aux returns on every channel to connect all types of external effects and processors. You can control your monitor mix and check levels through your headphones. Limit L and Limit R LED indicators. These limiters are designed to go brighter as clipping gets stronger and will remain lit up until the channels stop clipping. We recommend lowering the gain if you see these LED’s lit up. Power and Output level LED indicators. Main output fader allows you to fade the sound between the left and right channel. RCA input, RCA output, and USB player. Headphone jack for monitoring the master signal and individually monitoring each channel with PFL, L/R.

Rockville 14 Channel Mixing Console

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