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Always a lot of noise in singing recording? Troubled by heavy popping sounds in postproduction? Our microphone pop filter is the perfect solution! It reduces the interference of external noise on the recording sound by absorbing and reflecting the surrounding noise, preventing the generation of popping sounds and the erosion of saliva on the microphone during recording. The windscreen adopts a five-sided sealing design to effectively reduce noise from different directions. The cylindrical shape can reduce wind resistance, quickly change the airflow direction, and effectively reduce the impact of electric fans, air-conditioning wind and outdoor wind on recording. The design of one-sided opening can prevent the sound from spreading during the recording, making the recording more concentrated. The noise reduction microphone pop filter is compatible with most microphones: 45mm-60mm/1.77-2.36 inches USB microphones, condenser microphones and tie microphones, and suitable not only for personal live recording but also for professional recording studio, radio studio, outdoor performance, etc.

Mic Foam Sponge Sound Isolation Solution

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