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Seamless performance is at the centre of APC Key 25 MK2 for the truly electric creative experience you need to bring your music to life. The brilliant 40-pad clip-launching grid puts you in the driver’s seat with powerful control of your performances. Launch loops, melodies, and more for responsive remixing and creation in real time. The 25 velocity-sensitive keys handle your dynamics with perfect response every time. Use the Octave Up/Down buttons for an expanded note range. Your melodies will resonate with the dedicated Sustain button. Make your sounds come alive with 8 knobs to control effects and parameters. The 360 knobs have an infinite range of motion which means there are no limits to the ways you can dial in your sound. Control Record and Playback with dedicated Transport controls. You’ll never lose any of those inspired ideas with one-touch record. Playback your recordings and enjoy the moment over and over again. Manage big sessions with ease. The 4 dedicated Directional Arrows enable moving around projects with extended track counts or multiple rows of scenes. The right clip is always right at your fingertips. Write and perform anywhere you find inspiration. APC Key 25 MK2 fits into your everyday bag with your laptop for sleek music control at any opportunity. Plug and play via standard USB cable.

AKAI 25 Key 40 Pad Midi Controller

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