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Marketing Your Beat Store - Part 3

Marketing Your Beats

Beat marketing can prove to be quite the difficult task for the inexperienced music producer. Some producers waltz into the game feeling as tho they're just gonna put their beats on the internet & make money. Sorry to say, but...

Let’s say you’ve got at least 25 beats for sale. OK… What now? How do you expect to sell your beats, if musical artists don’t know they exist?

This is where things start to get a bit hectic. Don’t get me wrong, gaining customers isn’t hard… it just isn’t easy… (feel free to interpret however you like). There many different methods of gaining traffic/leads to your beat website, however, it can become a quite strenuous task if you don’t have a solid plan to follow. 

Where to Start

Don't just go online & tell people "drop ya email for beats". That's both tedious & unprofessional. Instead get yourself an auto respond mailing list. This step plays yet another vital role in your business and It's highly recommended that you do NOT skip it!

MailChimp: This is a great option for those producers who are just starting out online (We actually still use the free version for small projects like this one!). Lots of unique email templates that you can customize to further fit the brand of your business. They offer free services with paid feature upgrades for up to your first 2,000 email signups plus you can set up auto response emails, which is kinda cool.

Aweber: Although they require a small investment up front, their services are well worth it since you get the software in it's entirety up front. With Aweber you can send emails automatically & based on clicks as well as design a variety of eye catching emails.

There are tons of similar companies out there & it's really up to you which one you decide to go with, but it is imperative that you implement this within your marketing efforts. If there was a secret formula, it would probably revolve around this, that's how important your email list is (or should be) to your business. After all, you got here through an email list, remember?

After choosing your desired mail list, it's time to create all of your 'passive marketing' as I like to call it. This is when you set up all of your social media networks with links & other important information which gently guides them to your primary place of business (your website). View an example in our YouTube Video description.

Notice how we've made it incredibly easy to find us? Take this method & apply it to all of your social media platforms making adjustments accordingly. 

Now that we've done this, we'll switch our attention back to our email list. It's almost time for us to start gathering potential customers. But first we must set up a capture page on our site, sort of like the one you signed up on to join this course.

I'm sure you've seen a web page similar to this during all of your years of browsing. They're called squeeze , lead or capture pages. Familiarize yourself with those terms & understand that these pages are a quick & easy way to build up your email list. 

Sending to Your Email List: Before beginning to build your list, please understand that it is not wise to only send emails promoting beats.

Your Welcome Email: Make it warm, & personable. Allow the email to take on sort of a natural conversational tone, while also delivering the product that the subscriber signed up for in the first place.

Relevant Content: You need to find creative ways to engage with your list members. If you don't have your own content to share, you can re-share content related to music that your audience may find interesting. While I would advise you to eventually learn to curate your own content, this method can serve you well until you've reached that point.

When to Sell: A sales email is okay every now & again but make it a point to keep them to a minimum. Maybe 1 Sales email after at least 8 relevant content emails. Be sure that you keep this in mind as you post about your beats/company on social media as well.

Keep it Consistent: Humans love familiarity, Always remember that. Humans hate spam, remember that too.

Building Your Email List

Okay, now it's safe to hit social media with our beats & get some prospects to join our list. We do this by sharing the link on our social media platforms. Simply make the artist an enticing offer (like a coupon, free beat or something similar)  and request their email so that you can send it to them. You email list should begin to gradually increase over time (as long as you are promoting your squeeze page CONSISTENTLY!)  Always remember, on social media, there's a thin line between promotion & spam, share responsibly.

The Wrap Up: 

Since we've acquired these tools, it's time to implement them into our own business. If you decided to go with a drag & drop website, then it should take you no time to get things set up the correct way.

Let's Get to It!

Points to Remember:

  • Build Your Lead Page Aweber or MailChimp

  • Complete Your'Passive Marketing'

  • Promote Lead Page on Social Media (No Spam)

  • Share Valuable Content to Email List

  • Share Valuable Content on Social Media

Since We Covered a Lot this Session, I'll Give You a Little Extra Time to Implement These Steps into Your Marketing System Before Continuing the Course. Be Sure to Come Back to this as well as parts 1 & 2 if you need to for reference.

If You Have Any Question or Need Help w/any of the Steps, Please Reach Out via Email​

Thank You for Reading!



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